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      fter realizing my dream of living in New York for 10 years, I decided to come back to Japan. 

However, I couldn’t have accomplished this on my own.

Thanks to the support of everyone I’ve met in New York, I was able to make my dream come true.

Life is truly wonderful once you achieve your goals.

Therefore, I’d like to repay everyone who has helped me towards success.

However, it’s almost impossible to meet and repay every single person.

If so, What can I do ?

I’d like to create a positive environment with good energy that makes my clients happy.

If someone shows you kindness, then you’ll want to pay it forward and make someone else happy. 

The effects of this positive energy will eventually connect to so many people, that I believe someday it will reach the people who I have met in New York.

What do you have to find when you first move to a foreign country?

A doctor and hairdresser!

You can find good food easily in any country.

But, a good doctor and hairdresser are not so easy to find.

When I moved to New York, I couldn’t speak English at all.

Therefore, I know the feelings and difficulties of living and communicating in a foreign country very well.

So I’d like to support you even a little, through my job as a hairstylist.

I’d like to be a lifesaver of all your beautiful lives.


Anyone can do my job but no one can be me. 


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