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​Founder Shizue Nakamura : right side

Established in 1931, the Nakamura Hair Salon was founded and run by Shizue Nakamura in the Akasaka district of Fukuoka City. During this time, most of the work done in hair salons (or Kamiyui) was centered around the traditional Japanese hairstyle called Nihongami. Classic and highly decorative, the Nihongami required the wearer to have very long hair, and the hairdresser to have a great deal of skill and experience to be successfully accomplished.


Unfortunately, after building up an enviable reputation after 14 years of hard work, Mrs.Nakamura’s home and business were destroyed during a wartime bombing raid in 1945.

The salon was temporarily relocated until the end of the war, then was moved into the current location in the fashionable Daimyo area in 1981.


Life in post-war Japan was increasingly influenced by foreign culture and ideas.

With hair and beauty being no exception, Japanese hairdressers had to adapt quickly, mastering new styles and techniques, including an early version of the perm. In those days it was created by using tubes of charcoal, combined with an electric current which held the curls in place. By today’s standards, it’s hard to believe that clients would endure such messy and often painful treatments for the sake of beauty and fashion.


Current owners, Yasu and Keiko, are the third generation of the Nakamura family to run the salon, and have maintained the salon’s commitment to excellence since April 2004.


Despite its unique history and deep roots within the local community,

Yasu and Keiko are not content to rest on their laurels, and have evolved and developed the business to stay in unison with the ever changing world of hair and fashion.


By treating each customer as an individual, and providing a service to suit each personality and personal style, Yasu and Keiko have built up a loyal client base and have a distinctive presence among the somewhat overcrowded hair salon population of Daimyo.


Providing hairdressing services of the highest quality, using only the best products and techniques while still moving with the times, yet maintaining a strong sense of heritage, embodies the business philosophy of Nakamura Hair Salon.

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